(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. image, likeness, counterpart; portrayal, representation, view, scene, tableau, setting; drawing, painting, photograph, sketch, etching, engraving, canvas. See appearance.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A scene before the eye or the imagination]
Syn. spectacle, panorama, pageant; see view 1 .
2. [A human likeness]
Syn. portrait, representation, photo, photograph, snapshot, cartoon, image, effigy, icon, statue, statuette, figure, figurine, close-up.
3. [A pictorial representation]
Syn. illustration, engraving, etching, woodcut, cut, outline, cartoon, hologram, draft, crayon sketch, pastel, water color, aquarelle, poster, graph, oil, mezzotint, chart, map, plot, trademark, mosaic, blueprint, tapestry, showcard, advertisement, aquatint, aquatone, facsimile, animation, tracing, photograph, lithograph, zinc etching, photoengraving, collotype, halftone, rotogravure, print, ad*, pix*, still*, commercial*; see also design 1 , drawing 2 , painting 1 .
Types of pictures, as works of art, include: landscape, seascape, cityscape, farmscape, snowscape, skyscape, genre painting, chiaroscuro, historical work, religious work, madonna, ascension, annunciation, Last Judgment, crucifixion; birth of Christ, battle scene, triumphal entry, detail, veronica, vernicle, icon, illumination, cameo, miniature, portrait, silhouette, self-portrait, illustration, danse macabre (French), nude, fresco, mural, collage, pin-up, figure, still life, center spread, animal picture, hunting print, fashion plate, diorama, panorama, photomural, photomontage, papier collé (French).
4. [A motion picture]
Syn. cinema, film, cartoon; see movie .
5. [A description]
Syn. depiction, delineation, portrayal; see description 1 .
6. [*Adequate comprehension; usually with the ]
Syn. idea, understanding, survey; see knowledge 1 .
in the picture*,
Syn. involved, concerned, part of; see considered 1 .
out of the picture*,
Syn. immaterial, not considered, unimportant; see irrelevant .
1. [To depict]
Syn. sketch, delineate, portray; see draw 2 .
2. [To imagine]
Syn. portray, create, conceive; see imagine 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. representation illustration, painting, drawing, likeness, sketch, draft, image, portrait, photo, photograph.
2. see movie
3. epitome perfect example, embodiment, model, essence.
imagine, envision, see, call to mind, conceive of.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun One exactly resembling another: double, duplicate, image, portrait, spitting image. Slang: ringer. See SAME. II verb 1. To form mental images of: conceive, envisage, envision, fancy, fantasize, image, imagine, see, think, vision, visualize. Informal: feature. See THOUGHTS. 2. To present a lifelike image of: delineate, depict, describe, express, image, limn, portray, render, represent, show. See SHOW.

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